HNG, to be or not to be.

HNG, to be or not to be.

Let's see my intentions about HNG 8.

HNG ( internship is some sort of internship that holds at a time of the year (has to be twice). Tracks exists such as back-end, front-end, mobile and the sorts and it serves as an onboarding process for new developers into their career.

You can learn about HNG here

What I hope to achieve

Being a full-stack developer, I've gained interest in lots of languages and have settled for back-end as an area of interest. This pushes me by default to the back-end track.

One of such languages is Go, which happens to be the major back-end language in HNG 8 (8, being the current HNG version).

I hope to use this internship as an opportunity to pick up Go beyond the primary "Hello, world" to add to my bag of knowledge.

Resources you'd like

Well, if you love to know stuffs on UI/UX design, you'll want to look at this article here.

If Git is your current village people, use this neat article to get started.

Go, being my language of choice, if you love to see what Go chips about, see here

May the force be with you, child...