Year in review (2023)


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I have two years worth of year in reviews in my drafts. I've learned from past experiences and due to that. I'll just scramble things here and leave it at that.


This year was filled with downs, then ups, then downs then ups in that order.

I had lots of activities and tried out lots of new things. I have learned tons this year too, prioritizing communication, happiness and a relationship with God.

By end of this year, I began focusing on understanding people more and making relationships and friendships grow in quality.

This year marked immense career growth in terms of things I got to work on.


I want to focus more on my strengths. I'm going to cut down activities down to the barest minimum and focus on the ones with lots of prospects. I'll get into music production this year, focus lots on DevMeets and write really technical articles.

You'll see me writing Christian articles too.

I'll also strip down contact with people and grow closer to myself. I will focus on thoroughly enjoying my own company even more than ever.

And I'm going to do things that pump adrenaline into my bloodstream ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Till next year, folks.